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Ghoulsblade 00:30, 1 August 2012 (CEST) started playing, would like to have a mud client with automap and chat window

automap mockup

  • gnome: window for drawing icons in grid, icon = transparent png, multiple on top of each other possible

todo for new gnome-mud master branch release (2012/08)

  • prefs dialog : "triggers, alias, variables, timers, keybindings" (dialogs and functionality)
  • check master commits since GNOMEMUD_0_11_2 tag if anything else was removed from the code
  • optional : prefs highlights ? (changing color of matching text/words)
  • optional/minor issue : newline problem (rare) Image:Linebreak-master.png
  • optional/minor issue : asci-art animation issue (in-place text update, maybe utf8/encoding/unicode related?, wotmud kick, bash, search, sword mending) Image:Kickbash.png
  • optional : lua time callback to allow delayed actions (some gtk event? or maybe main event loop hook?)
  • automake: correct lua/lua5.1 package name on ubuntu11.04 vs other linux, try both ?
  • automake: install map icons somewhere
  • automake: install sample lua script somewhere that is automatically copied to users home dir on first use for easy editing ? ~/gnome-mud.lua
  • map (simple manually controlled version for a first release when auto-mapping is not yet working)
    • right-click menu :
      • walk here (spam movement commands)
      • manual corrections : create room n/w/s/e/up/down
      • manual corrections : delete room
      • manual corrections : set current position
    • optional? support for diagonal movement nw/ne/sw/se

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