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a blender plugin for uploading files to a server where they are version-managed (using svn internally) instead of saving them to local files

the big idea behind it is improving the production pipeline

plugin details

the blenderplugin should automatically append metadata such as preview image, polycount, animlist in textform, etc... to the upload, so they can be browsed without loading the complete file...

also downloading and browsing existing files should be possible in the blenderplugin

it just uploads data/files via http to the server, the server puts them into an svn there internally



  • we also thought about offering "hosting" , e.g. a server for the plugin that can be publically used for models under GPL or similar licenses





An ArtObject (AO) is one object which might contain several files, like a model and external textures


A project is a collection of several AO. Permissions are managed at a project-level.

Only member of a project got write permission.


A revision of an AO is a single version of an AO,

every upload is saved as a new revision,

and it is possible to go back to any of them


  • php
  • storage,versioning,database


  • blender plugin (and browser/website for viewing)
  • browse files, download, upload (+generate and append metadata)
  • later : view changelog, download specific version
  • later : authentification (username/password)
  • later : delete, move, branch, merge, revert
  • the plugin mainly servers as a gui (graphical user interface) and for generating/calculating metadata
  • it sends requests to the server for the commands


- Preview images

- Poly Count

- animation infos (has skeleton, which anims are available : walk,run,jump)

- info about how many textures used and their dimension

- associated files (textures)

- (idea) : automatically generated export-format ? (md3,.mesh... depending on project settings)