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discussion 19.10.2007

  • complete chatlog chatlog_fas_19.10.2007
  • freeartsearch code "gpl3 or later" ?
  • ghoulsblade task : svn list , image search and thumbnail generation
  • cloud (searchcloud ? tagcloud ?)
  • big fat disclaimer about license guessing/infos/hints
  • md5 search : art used in projects x,y,z
  • usersystem
  • ugd thread is dead, someone should dig that one out of the dump maybe
  • association svn-username with nick : like in ohloh it should be possible to use different commit names that all refer to one person
  • usecase : only lead artist has commit access : some of the artfiles are in fact made by him, but others are not and he just committed them
  • loose link between art, project, commiter and artist/author, ie the project link could be used to guess the license of a file

ideas for later

  • later : art request, concept sketches and notes, roles,subtasks : spec(polycount...),concept,model,unwrap,texture,anim...
  • many beginning game artists struggle with lack of direction
  • good : as many directions as possible, spiced with the "about" word like "about 1000 polys"
  • many specs are good, in the sense of "guidelines" , not as "limitations", they are not binding, and give a good starting point
  • artrequest tagging, e.g. hill-ogre for project xrpg would have the tags "monster","humanoid","fantasy"
  • or like model/prop, model/character, model/creature, model/vehicle, model/1stpersonweapon
  • real world objects, don't require much concept art, rather reference photos or blueprints

<tmass> if such uber task list existed, i could probably lure some concepts artists there <tmass> who spend time on training/personal projects <tmass> and wouldn't mind doing something required by others <tmass> many people are afraid of obligations connected with participation in projects <tmass> but one-time well defined tasks are different deal <tmass> people may occasionally have free time or creative mood <tmass> and check out such task list <tmass> it would also provide help in building artist's portfolios

  • rss support, watchlist/subscribe : email notifications on add ...
  • encourage free licenses for art request
    • options for "accepted" or "desired" licenses when making the request
  • gently encourage it without forcing it : also per-project can-we-use-this requests
  • some artists will want to grant permission to use "per project"
    • if they get to work with a few os project they might become more open-minded
  • not permitting to use the animated model of a game's main character in other projects is understandable
  • make it easy for people to ask the artist like "hey, cool thing, can we use it for our project as well ?"

  • user ratings for art (registered and anonymous seperately displayed) e.g. with 1-5 stars or so like ohloh
    • hmm many people searching might not register
  • cudo system from ohloh ? (social networking idea)
  • some sort of commit monitoring would be cool, to see what's recently submitted
    • rss, list of newest additions... and watchlist config stuff when registered (mail on new)

first steps for core

  • indexing svns (like openarena) , generating previews, and making a search for filename would be the first steps i think
  • next would be tagging
  • and indexing freegamearts and virtual worlds wiki
  • (maybe later worldforge and a few of the texture-repositories from my linklist, but those two above should be enough for getting started)

discussion 20.10.2007

  • User adding of content links
  • No hosting, but thumbnails


  • Flash for sounds
  • problem : Blender : batch-mode, python : import model formats, preview image, polycount

Database Layout

File Infos

  • model_polycount
  • image_resolution_xy
  • image_hasalpha
  • audio_length
  • tags : image:tilable,audio:loop ...