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We started to port the löve api to android

  • the goal is to create a launcher to run .love files from sdcard
  • and to enable building standalone love games without sdcard
  • to build a standalone without need to access sdcard, you might have to install android sdk (we use eclipse) and add the needed files as resources, or the .love file to be run as resource
    • unless of course someone has an idea how to append a .love file to the launcher app, like it is possible on win/linux, see help wanted section
  • successfully tested on android 2.1 (OpenGL ES 1.0) with apk file below
  • tech : we are implementing the löve2d api in a java app made with the android sdk using luaj for lua and opengl es for rendering
  • still early work in progress, a lot of the api hasn't been ported yet, and most existing löve games won't work out of the box.
  • future plans : since most existing games assume keyboard, we might add an options-menu to make a few keys available in a corner of the display for touch-screen use
  • future plans : we might upgrade to OpenGL ES 1.1 to use vertex buffers for better perfomance at some point, but not anytime soon


  • love-android.apk (apk, 280kb, android 2.1 and later)
    • copy .love's like cloud demo to /mnt/sdcard/love/ and similar, or you'll just get an empty launcher window


not yet working

  • loadimage during love.keypressed/mousepressed, as a workaround please load graphics only during love.load() until we can fix it.
  • setScissors : background clear limited by scissor area
  • multitouch callback : coordinates still raw and not transformed to love coordinate system
  • disable the poweroff if nothing is being touched (up soon)
  • font render problems on actual device (white boxes) for non-power-of-2 textures (it works in emu, not ttf/truetype yet)
  • a bunch of api functions isn't implemented yet
  • a bunch of api functions isn't implemented yet
  • network / lua socket
  • ttf fonts (note:
  • setBlendMode : BLEND_SUBTRACTIVE won't work correctly, since android 2.1 / OpenGL ES 1.0 doesn't seem to support the required glBlendEquation(GL_FUNC_REVERSE_SUBTRACT) (lowprio for now)
  • love.physics : box2d (note: ) (lowprio for now)
  • love.threads (note: ) (lowprio for now)
  • love.font custom font loaders and rasterizers (lowprio for now)
  • love.image custom image decoders and buffers (lowprio for now)
  • love.sound custom sound decoders and buffers (lowprio for now)
  • : word-wrapping currently ignores word boundaries and just wraps characters (lowprio for now)
  • love.event (lowprio for now)
  • .xm (tracker music) files, note: (lowprio for now)
  • bug: game seems to restart when resolution changes (landscape)
  • bug: reports of touchscreen-mouse coordinates being messed up, maybe related to "mode/context switch"
  • bug: sinescroller font at top broken
  • bug: love-for-zombies hero graphics weird, 3 times ? texcoord issue with anim stuff ?


  • particleSystem drawing (just empty stubs for now to prevent crash)
  • playing sound/music when loading from .love (see help wanted below)
  • "mode/context switches" : leave app and come back, change resolution (landscape) or other textures aren't reloaded yet, so everything will be white boxes on black background currently.
  • sensor and multitouch access via* api extensions
  • power-of-2 font images work (8,16,32,64,128,256,512...)
  • first experimental touch and sensor access, see readme at the bottom of
  • basic api to run clouds demo
  • basic api to run In_Your_Face_City_Trains demo
  • basic api to run demos : sinescroller, no, lovalanche(phys dummy), particles (just dummy to avoid crash, no particles visible yet),
  • basic functionality : sound+music play, .wav .ogg .mp3
  • loading .love files from sd card directly without unpacking
  • successfully test on a 2.1 android device
  • imageFont loading and printf alignments + wrapping (char-wise, currently ignores word boundaries)
  • luaj modify-table-during-pairs-iteration bug workaround


additional api

  • phone specific stuff to be exposed via (rather than, since there's a lot of overlap)