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muclings download löve2d

background infos

  • löve2d version created in 24 hours by hagish & ghoulsblade (not counting a few hours of sleep)
  • based on migjam10 unity + photon version, including audio+gfx created by team of about 10 people for last munich-indie gamejam
  • for löve2d version network tech : genserv:udp variant, see GenServ (still in development) :
    • simple broadcast server on the internet, much like irc, with support for rooms etc, but more for realtime/game comm and using udp
  • löve2d game engine : see ÖBEY!


  • nicknames
  • controls-config / keybinds (arrows, zqsd?, ..)
  • sounds too loud
  • end-game screen, rules explanation help
  • filename #10 for 2011 = bad
  • media license
  • cheat timeout (resets weapon counter)
  • mucling resync timeout (client lemmings not used by server stuck)
  • timeout for pinglist
  • old ships timeout (alex beta-test round) (visible on client, but no collision from server)


  • you can level up by killing another player with the same or higher level ship
  • you can also level up by shooting a lot of lemmings (lvl1:10, lvl2:150, lvl3:500 ...), only practical for the first few levels
  • when you die you get a ship 1 level lower than you had
  • ramming an enemy destroys the ship with less hp and deals that amount of hp as damage to the other ship
  • the game ends when the first player reaches level 10, the player who killed the most muclings wins
    • higher level ships allow you to kill muclings faster, but players will also try to kill you for levelling up
    • the strongest player cannot level up further if he doesn't allow other players to reach his level
    • for testing you can press 1-9 to cheat a ship, this messes up the level you have at respawn


  • W-A-S-D
  • mouse to shoot