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the main aim is to bring artists and developers closer together and encourage contact and dialog

  • a good search for existing free art (images,models,audio)
    • focused on searching/linking rather than hosting
      • index stuff from existing content repositories, project svn/cvs repositories and forums
    • possible to manually add single/multiple links to media data
    • preview images / thumbnails of textures,models,etc
    • tagging
    • licensing infos
    • technical infos (texture resolution, mesh poly count, mesh anims...)
    • contact info to reach the authors... (e.g. username + link to project forums or similar if no public email)
  • a database for projects and people
    • list/search artists and interests (concept drawing, model, anim, texture, 2d-art, texture, sound, music..)
    • list/search developers and interests (programming languages, experience with frameworks,)
    • list/search for projects using free art
    • cross referencing / associations
      • which people are involved in which project
      • assets used in multiple projects (textures, models, sound, music,...)


  • team
    • hagish - core
    • lechuck - layout
    • ghoulsblade - spiders

database design

this wiki supports graphviz now, see for tutorial on syntax.

at the moment this is just a sketch not a design

digraph G {

artitem [shape="box"];
repository [shape="box"];
svnuser [shape="box"];
tag [shape="box"];
artist [shape="box"];
license [shape="box"];

artitem -> artist [label="0-1"];
artitem -> repository [label="1"];
artitem -> svnuser [label="0-1"];
artitem -> tag [label="*"];

repository -> license [label="*"];
repository -> svnuser [label="*"];

svnuser -> repository [label="1"];
svnuser -> artitem [label="*"];

tag -> artitem [label="*"];

artist -> artitem [label="*"];

license -> repository [label="*"];


technology ideas worth investigating

  • we'll probably use rapid development webframework similar to ruby-on-rails
  • svn list : search for (textures, models, audio, ...) in opensource project repositories svn/cvs
  • blender batch mode / importers : automatically generate mesh previews

existing websites to consider

free content repositories

projects and forum threads with free art


cvs notes

  • list all files: (PATH:\nFILE1\nFILE2\n\n)
cvs -d rls open-xchange
  • get one file: (creates open-xchange/COPYING in current directory)
cvs -d co open-xchange/COPYING
  • cvs uri suggestion: ( modul open-xchange)
  • version infos:
cvs -d rlog open-xchange/COPYING


  • repos : URL(homepage) name
  • license (infos, hints, freetext)
  • repos add form
  • CVS spider (maybe not possible without full checkout)
  • major categories like fantasy, sci-fi, urban, rural, toon, ... (suggested by bwschram for common media project)
  • Open Material Repository Automation Script v0.1