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Image:Lalalove_sound.png Setup
Song: http://sience.schattenkind.net/lalalove_sound.ogg
Song: http://sience.schattenkind.net/lalalove_sound.ogg

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lalalove is a work-in-progress music-making game using LÖVE game engine.

What is lalalove

  • A game where you have to make planets happy by creating music via combining sound-sequences coming from stars and manipulating them with asteroids having different effects, such as faster/slower, higher/lower, or adding pauses.
  • Still early work in progress
  • Originally created for the overnight-contest of dusmania (2008).


public readonly svn : svn://zwischenwelt.org/lalalove/trunk

dependencies : love 0.3.2 ( win&linux : http://love2d.org/ )


start linux : ./start.sh

start win : love.exe [lalalove folder] or lalalove.zip or drag and drop the lalalove folder onto the love.exe


Song: http://sience.schattenkind.net/lalalove_sound.ogg



  • code : ZLIB
  • content (grafics,sounds) : public domain

(22.7.2008 : now confirmed by all team members)

forum threads


  • usability tweaking
  • winning condition
  • different levels
  • descriptive icons for asteroids
  • ways to manipulate asteroids